Glossary of Preparation Terms

Chop: Cut into pieces using a sharp tool. Hold knife tip down with one hand and move blade up and down chopping food with the other.

Crush: Press with garlic press, side of knife, or mallet to release the juice of an ingredient.

Cube: Cut into cubes of a half inch or larger.

Dice: Cut into cubes of a half inch or less.

Grate: Cut into tiny pieces using the small holes of a grater.

Julienne: Cut into small sticks.

Mince: Cut into very small pieces, smaller than chop but not crushed.

Peel: Strip off the outer covering.

Shred: Cut into thin pieces using the large holes of a grater.

Sliver: Cut into long thin pieces.

Snip: Cut into very small pieces without any chopping action, using scissors.

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