Boning a Chicken

*** Step 1:
Pull neck skin out away from chicken and cut off to within one inch of body. Fold back remaining skin as far as it will go. Free meat around neck cavity from carcass with short snips or cuts cutting as close to carcass as possible. Wiggle each wing to find where it meets the carcass. Cut through the joint to detach wing, leaving wing itself intact. Continue to separate meat from carcass during chicken and rolling skin back as you work.

*** Step 2:
Remove meat from around each thigh; cut through joint to detach drumstick from thigh. Leave thigh bones on carcass.

*** Step 3:
Using poultry shears or cleaver, cut off exposed drumstick bone. Leave remaining portion of drumstick intact.

*** Step 4:
Continue to cut meat away from carcass. Cut through joint between backbone and tail bone, leaving tail with skin and meat. Turn skin and meat right side out. Stuff and roast according to directions.

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