Oyster Dressing 4

1/2 cup onions, chopped
3/4 cup bell pepper, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped
1/2 cup dried or fresh parsley
1/4 cup onion tops, chopped
Red pepper and salt, to taste
2 boxes stove Top Chicken Bread
1/2 pound dressing meat, chicken livers or gizzards
1 stick of margarine (1/4 lb)
3 bay leaves
1 large can mushrooms, chopped
1 pint oysters
2 eggs
Pam spray
1/4 cup Mazola Oil
4 cups water, hot

You may substitute 2 large loaves of bread in place of prepared stuffing. Cut in cubes and dry in oven for 2 days, do not brown, Spray with Pam and add Mazola and sauteed celery; let stand 5 minutes. Add bell pepper and onion; let stand 3 minutes. Saute in margarine until all seasonings are soft. Be sure to maintain a low heat. Add dressing meat and cook down for 30 minutes. Add stuffing mixture and seasoning mixture which have been soaked in 4 cups of hot water. Add bread mixture to seasoning. Stir in for 30 minutes. Add margarine and keep stirring. Add bay leaves and lower heat. Allow bay leaves to remain in mixture until it attains desired taste. Remove leaves. Drain mushrooms and add to mixture. Cook another 5 minutes. Follow with parsley and onion tops. Cook another 5 minutes. Add oysters and continue cooking until they curl. Add eggs after whisking and fold entire mixture into baking dish. Cook at 350F for 15 minutes.

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