Red Rice

1 cup cooked rice (preferably a day old) dry and fluffy.
1/2 cup each onion, celery, bell pepper, parsley (coarsely chopped)
2 cups tomatoes, fresh, canned, puree or sauce, or desired as on hand

Smother vegetables with 2 tbs fat. Season with salt, pepper, red pepper, and Worcestershire. Cook slowly until almost dry. Add rice and lift around with a fork to mix. Cook until dry.

To the above mixture, chopped bacon, ham, shrimp, crawfish or crabmeat may be added plus 3 tbs sherry wine for a baked dish or to stuff bell peppers, or add cooked eggplant and bread crumbs and there you have stuffed eggplant. Naturally, the seasoning does the trick, but that is for each cook to do to suit their own family's taste.

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