Hot Dog Chili Sauce

Little League

16 Gallons Tomato Sauce
48 ozs Chili Powder
16 lb Chopped Fine Onions
16 lb Ground Beef
12 lb Italian Seasoned Bread Crumbs
2 lb Brown Sugar
To Taste Mustard

*** Wilt onions and add meat and brown just till meat changes color. Cool overnight. Cook tomato sauces for approximately 1 hour. Stir often. Remove from fire. Add cold meat to sauce and mix to dissolve grease. Add mustard and brown sugar to taste. Mix bread crumbs and cool water until it forms a soupy mixture. Add this to the sauce gradually, stirring well. Mix only 1 lb of bread crumbs at a time. You may add red pepper if desired.

*** Do not add salt!***

Yield: 20 Gallons of Concentrated Sauce.

*** Freezes well! You may add water at time of heating to make it the right consistency.

*** EXCELLENT!!!!!!!

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